Is Your Steering Wheel Fighting Back?

It may be time for steering column repairs in Millington, MI

As your steering system wears out, you may start to have a harder time pulling the wheel in the right direction. Don't let a faulty steering column send you drifting into the wrong lane. Visit Jim's Auto Repair for steering column repair services.

You'll be safe on the road and can avoid higher repair costs by catching any steering issues early on. Our auto shop in Millington, MI is also a great place for tire rod repairs and more. Get your steering and front end issues fixed today at our shop.

We'll take care of everything

Searching for an auto repair team that can fix any of your steering or front end problems? Look no further than Jim's Auto Repair. We handle...

Steering column repairs
Steering column replacements
Steering-related sensor repairs
Power steering repairs
Tire rod repairs
Gearbox repairs

Though we don't offer alignment work, we'll make an appointment for you with Pro Tech Automotive to have it fixed. Request a free quote from our repair team today.