Get a Speedy Oil Change

Bring your vehicle to Jim's Auto Repair in Millington, MI

Is it time to get an oil change? Do you need tire rotation services? You've come to the right place. Jim's Auto Repair offers auto repair services to drivers in the Millington, MI area.

We'll do any major or minor repair work needed to restore your vehicle to peak condition. You'll appreciate that we bring more than 27 years of experience to each project. Make an appointment at our auto shop today.

Check out your repair options

If you need full-service auto repairs, turn to Jim's Auto Repair. We'll work on your...

Tires: We sell new tires and provide tire rotations.
Brakes: We can replace bad rotors and hydraulic systems.
Engine: We will tune up your spark plugs, oxygen sensors and more.
Oil: We offer oil changes with synthetic or traditional fluids.
Sound system: We can put in new speakers or a full new audio system.
Front end and steering system: We will repair your steering motor and tire rods.

Your vehicle is in good hands with us. Connect with our repair team today for more information.